In love, time is the most precious currency

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Viewpoint by Carlos Ferrand

You have probably heard people say love doesn’t cost a thing. Well, they‘re right and they’re wrong.

If you only put a monetary value on love, then yes, love doesn’t cost a thing.

Love doesn’t have a minimum monthly payment or a membership fee.

You may be able to impress someone with money, but you can’t hold onto them with it.

When you meet someone interesting for the first time, I doubt you think, “I’d like to spend some money on that person.”

 Juan Carlos Campos

Juan Carlos Campos

If you asked, I bet most people would remember their first conversation, first kiss or first I love you. They probably don’t remember the first check.

You most likely think, “I’d like to spend some time with that person.”

Giving another person your time is the most amazing gift you can give them.

Next time your girlfriend wants to watch the CW, watch it with her and hold her close.

She may never remember the time you asked to borrow $10, but she will never forget the time you snuggled through “Gossip Girl.”

If that relationship blossoms, then you might think, “I’d like to spend some time on us.”

No relationship is perfect, and you should expect to argue. If you’re a man, then you should also expect to be wrong — most of the time.

I know that I have never thought to myself, “If only I had money she would understand me better.”

I doubt you have entertained those thoughts either; money doesn’t solve problems, time does.

If that relationship turns into a meaningful commitment, then you might think, “I’d like to spend my life with you.”

Time is the most precious thing you can give anyone.

If you spend all your money, you can make more. That is what makes money just money.

You can spend time, but you cannot make more time.

This makes time truly the most precious thing we have.

The true cost of true love is priceless. It demands the one thing you can never duplicate.

It demands the only thing everyone on this planet has in short supply.

When you find that special someone, give them the only gift worth giving; give them your time.


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