Letter: Arming employees only way to protect school children

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Have you noticed that shooters target locations that prohibit concealed handgun carry?

You should also notice that most of the shooters are cowards that give up quickly or shoot themselves when they receive a little resistance.

Why don’t these nuts go into a police station or a bank to do their mass killing?

They may be mentally challenged, but they are not stupid.

I saw a sign on a business that read, “Concealed carry welcomed here.” Bet they never get shot up.

The answer to a safe place for our children in public schools is a highly protected school that can outgun these folks.

Our president’s daughters have that level of protection.

If our society is not willing to pay for added security, then they should let the faculty and staff protect themselves.

You may not like it, but the mere fact that a school is heavily armed with concealed handgun-carrying faculty and staff will automatically make the campus safer.

Folks that dream up every scenario that could possibly happen with armed teachers need to look at the statistics of schools with and without added protection. I haven’t heard of any school with extra protection being attacked.

All of the same arguments against carrying on campus were voiced when Texas became a concealed carry state.

It was said it would turn Texas into a gunslinging Wild West. It simply did not happen.

Concealed carry has protected and saved many lives with very little consequence.

There might be some incident of abuse, but you must weigh that against what is going on now where the shooter is unchallenged.

The mentally challenged will never get the help they need in America because no one wants to foot the bill.

There will be much talk, but nothing significant is going to change in the short term.

Restriction on sales of certain weapons will only make a black market, and with so many weapons already in America, there will be little effect.

The only way to get immediate protection for schools is to fortify from within.

James McBride

Photography Professor


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