Letter: Redesigned library needs more tables for studying

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Concerning the library, I must admit that I am unhappy with the new arrangement.

One day, I arrived on campus and went to where the library was previously located.

The entrance doors were covered with thick yellow tape that read “do not cross.”

I noticed a faculty member and asked why it was blocked off. He said the new library was completed.

On Jan. 31, I entered the new library.

I admired the clear glass entrance that replaced the large empty hole (which had to be blocked with a gate which was slowly dropped down, like the gate of a dungeon in a medieval castle).

The new, separate, yet connected computer desks gave a feeling of professionalism, as if the students were in an actual work environment rather than just “at a computer.”

I was in no need of a computer at the moment, for I was to begin studying my math book.

I took a quick look around for a desk, but I only saw many small, green chairs.

I sat on one, and it was comfortable, but it did not give a sense of a study area.

It felt more like a lounge.

I always ask myself: Why lounge when there is always something to be done.

I ended up leaving the campus because the library was surprisingly not a great place to study at that time.

On Feb. 4, I had planned on writing, so I returned to the renovated library and asked a librarian if there were any desks.

She pointed behind her toward the area where I had been the previous week. I walked a bit further and saw three or four small desks (which were occupied).

I walked further and saw the kiosk desks, which were being used.

The only free ones stood against the wall where there was very little light.

I attempted to work there, but eventually I could no longer stand the morose area.

In my opinion, the library would be a better atmosphere for studying if it was a bit brighter and if there were a few more tables and desks.

Paul Andrew

Psychology Sophomore


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