MetaMedia: Beware of watchdog

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By definition, a watchdog is a watchful guardian or someone who watches carefully to detect illegal or unethical conduct.

Reporters are the eyes and ears of a community. They attend meetings of government agencies to sniff around for signs of waste or abuse of public monies.

They are prepared to sink fangs deep into a story and hold on doggedly until the truth is exposed.

The friendly watchdog is always on the lookout for threats to its master. That will pretty much guarantee growling, snarling and barking — and gaining everyone’s attention.

The public looks to reporters for accurate coverage of the news of the day because no one can be everywhere.

Reporters dig deep and find facts that few others would care to research. Even if they knew how or where to begin, who has the time?

As advances in communication have shrunk our world, the watchdog is needed for so many more areas than just government.

Multinational corporations cut corners to cut costs while risking the lives of cheap labor offshore and the health and safety of American consumers.

Industries behind our technological wizardry prop up tyrants while they befoul the air, seas, rivers and land.

Foreign governments, drug cartels, rogue entities and pirates endanger global trade.

Meanwhile, the home of the brave trembles in the wake of another school shooting.

The educational rankings of the United States in the world keep falling. Wall Street sacked the country thanks to rules enacted by Congress.

A growing dead zone courtesy of Midwest fertilizers and chemical plants spread across the Gulf of Mexico.

People want to know what is going on. They need to know what is going on.

The information the watchdog distributes is vital to each of us with a role to play in maintaining a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.


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