Workshops benefit music majors

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By Jahna Lacey

Student performance workshops for music majors coordinated by music Instructor Andrew Gignac will be conducted at noon March 22 in the McAllister Fine Arts Center.

“All music majors are required to perform once a semester,” said fine arts Chair Jeff Hunt. “They perform a piece of music that they are preparing for their lessons. It is an opportunity for students to watch each other and expand their range of music literature and all instruments, such as guitars, percussion, wind and brass,” he said.

Hunt said these workshops are among his favorite events for watching students perform and progress in their music classes.

“Non-music majors can benefit by listening to various instruments and singing talents,” Hunt said. “Teachers can see the progress of their students.”

“The workshops give music majors the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences,” music sophomore George Cathey. said. “Basically, they enhance their performance skills by overcoming apprehension and gauging the audience’s feedback.”

Hunt said admission is free and students do not need to show a college ID.

For more information, call Hunt at 210-486-1030.


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