Workshops benefit speech students

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By Jahna Lacey

The speech communication program offers workshops from 2 p.m.-3 p.m. every Wednesday in Room 203 of McAllister Fine Arts Center.

Fine arts Chair Jeff Hunt and speech Instructors Suzanne Skinner and Ashley Click will present a series of topics, such as speech apprehension and interpersonal communication each week through March 20.

Hunt said speech students can receive extra credit for attending the workshops.

“Speech and nonspeech students can benefit from these workshops by receiving information from the content,” speech Instructor Jolinda Ramsey said. “Take the first speech workshop for instance. They can learn information that they learned in their classes from different instructors. They repeatedly learn this information, which helps them become more confident speakers.”

The program also offers tutoring at the Strain Communication Center in Room 205 of McAllister, where they can research topics assigned in their classes, practice  presentations and meet for group projects.

Ramsey said communication is important in both personal and professional life because people use it all the time as a means of getting ideas across to others.

“On average, 40-50 students attend the speech workshops,” Ramsey said. “These students learn different concepts in interpersonal communication, such as different conflict styles in order to better their communication skills.”

Hunt said the admission for these workshops is free and students are not required to show an ID.

For more information, call Hunt at 210-486-1030.


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