Building maintained despite age, wear

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Maintenance work orders are up to date.

By Solomon White

When visiting the law enforcement building, it is clear to see that the building is one of the oldest buildings on campus.

According to facilities superintendent David Ortega, all maintenance work orders for the law enforcement training center, are up to date and completed.

Ortega said he and his facilities team do not have a quality control inspector to observe and report maintenance problems regarding the law enforcement building.

He said housekeeping or the employees who work in the building quickly reported all safety and sanitary concerns.

“The folks that work in their areas know how they want things. They let us know,” Ortega said.

There have been 154 work orders for the law enforcement building in the last five years, but only five in the last year.

Ortega said any recent complaints of maintenance issues in or around the building are either untrue or have not been formally reported.

“We know the building is beyond its useful life. We are actually taking the steps necessary to replace it,” he said.

Students can help keep the college in working order by notifying a staff member or professor in the building who will promptly file a work order with the facilities department.


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