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By Benjamin Enriquez

The Methodist Student Center is an on-campus organization open to everyone, but it is not simply a religious center.

“We are concerned with awareness and social justice issues,” Isha Ramirez, student intern and political science sophomore, said. “Church isn’t just about Jesus. It’s also about the people.”

Nearly 30 years ago, the retired Rev. Dr. David L. Semrad and current political science Professor Asslan Khaligh came up with the idea of having speakers come to the Methodist Student Center to discuss hot topics in the nation and abroad.

They called it the Hot Potato Lunch series.

But years before that, guest speakers had been visiting the Methodist Student Center to lead discussions on controversial issues. The series evolved from the Faith and Life Forums series.

This semester’s Hot Potato series begins this week.

All are welcome to attend and stay for a free, fully loaded baked potato at the end of the program.

Speakers talk for 20-30 minutes followed by 20 minutes of discussion.

Tuesday’s speaker is economics Professor Susan Spencer, who will be discussing the current economy.

On March 5, Khaligh will be speaking on the conflict in Syria, including potential insight into its causes.

Khaligh said, “I will be talking about its history, why it’s called the Arab Spring, and how things like this have happened out there before.”

A full list of speakers and topics is on The Ranger Online.

Hot Potato sessions are from 12:15 p.m.-1:15 p.m. every Tuesday at the Methodist Student Center, 102 Belknap Place.

For more information, call 210-733-1441.


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