Juried student exhibit brings building to life

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Students’ work is on display through Sept. 23 in an annual exhibit at the visual arts center. Raquel Estrada

Students’ work is on display through Sept. 23 in an annual exhibit at the visual arts center. Raquel Estrada

Artwork will be on display through Sept. 23.

By Adriana Ruiz


One peek inside the visual arts center, and it’s clear that this is not a usual lobby.

Instead, the room is decorated from top to bottom and people are immediately greeted by an array of eclectic forms and distinct paint splashes created by students.

The lobby acts as the 2012-13 Annual Art Students Exhibition, including drawings, paintings, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, two-dimensional designs, three-dimensional design and digital art.

The exhibit runs through Sept. 23.

Students involved in the student exhibit have the opportunity to win recognition and scholarships.

The visual arts program awards the Robert and Laura Fainter Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Art and the James C. Elmore II Memorial Art Scholarship to students who demonstrate exceptional work in studio classes.

The scholarships average from $200-$500 based on the number of recipients and contributions.

“The scholarships are given in order to defray cost of supplies,” Professor Debra Schafter said.

The exhibit features small artwork inside glass boxes, paintings and sketches hung along the walls. Objects dangle from the ceiling and larger sculptures are displayed on the floor.

Artwork is free standing, which gives viewers the opportunity to get up close and see details.

“Some of the artwork you can tell students put a lot of work and effort. It’s very professional and inspiring,” American Sign Language sophomore Keith Limon said.

Artwork on display was completed during the spring semester and selected by a group of faculty members.

“Representatives from different classes choose work that is the best, but also in someway unique,” Professor Tom Willome said.

He asked for viewers to respect the work and to watch their step when viewing the artwork.

“Don’t touch things that are obviously fragile,” Willome said.

The 2012-13 Student Visual Arts Exhibition is open to students and the public from 6:45 a.m.-8 p.m, Monday-Friday on the first and second floors.

A new installation will be available starting Oct. 2 showcasing paintings by former students Erick Salazar and James Woodward.

Students enrolled in visual arts classes have the opportunity to submit artwork if they are enrolled in a course requiring studio credit.

Student artwork must be completed during the fall or the spring semester to be judged and displayed at the 2013-14 Annual Student Visual Arts Exhibition that will be open for viewing on April 14.


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