Success requires labs

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Proposed move of the transfer center will lead to additional chaos.

In the visual arts center on Sept. 18, the Foundations of Excellence Task Force celebrated the beginning of Phase 2 of implementation of six recommendations to improve the transfer experience for students at this college.

One recommendation was to redesign and relocate the transfer center, which was moved back into its newly remodeled space on the first floor of Moody Learning Center in late summer 2012.

Phase 1 was a self-study to identify options for improving the transfer experience.

During Phase 2, plans for each action item will be developed with a target date of Dec. 1.

Why would the college recommend moving the transfer center when it has been given a brand new space in a building that has undergone renovations for more than 12 months?

The students of this college have had to work with enough change in teaching style, curriculum and technology required for academics.

Another recent change has been the defunding of critical labs such as English.

Moving the transfer center will not improve the transfer experience if students cannot transfer because they cannot pass classes without access to tutors or labs or equipment.

Without students getting grades good enough to transfer to a university, a more visible transfer center will be pointless.

The college should focus on the basic services that will get students to graduation and to the university of their choice.

When students are less stressed about passing classes, accessing required technology such as ACES or special labs, and finding tutors for help, thinking about transferring is easier to handle.

Fund the labs. Fund the tutors. Fund the counselors.

Otherwise, there may be fewer students in three to five years to enjoy the more visible transfer center.


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