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Students have yet another parking-related headache — parking tickets.

Those who have not yet received a parking decal by mail and those who have not ordered a parking decal online through ACES risk finding a parking ticket adorning the windshield after class.

District police started issuing tickets Tuesday in student lots and Wednesday in faculty lots for vehicles parked illegally or without a parking permit affixed to the windshield.

All students paid a $25 campus access fee that entitles any student to a parking permit or a discounted bus pass.

Ticketing students for something we have already paid for is uncalled for.

District police Chief Don Adams said students can appeal tickets, at which time, police will verify a permit has been issued, mailed or ordered.

What a huge waste of time and energy for students and campus police.

Mailing the decals has cost the college nearly $8,000 so far.

An appeals process for students who are waiting on a decal will waste additional time and money.

This is the first semester students must register online for a parking permit.

And it wasn’t even an automatic prompt in the registration process; we had to find it on our own.

It is unfair to punish us for an inefficient, costly and cumbersome system.

Rule changes require increased communication, not silence.

How about a little common sense and patience?

Instead of starting with handing out tickets, police should leave warnings on vehicles in violation.

The warning notice could include the date ticketing is expected to begin and how to order a permit.

We already paid for it, remember?

Students are busy and short on funds — it cost us an extra $25 to register this fall.

Save us the hassle and expense of paying or appealing the ticket.

After a warning is issued, it is fair game to ticket cars that do not comply.

And if every student has already paid for “campus access,” why do we need a permit anyway?


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