Friday courses start a week late

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By T.L. Hupfer

The spring semester opened Friday for students and professors who meet in Friday-only classes.

The icy weather on Jan. 24 forced the Alamo Colleges to cancel classes, causing a week-long delay for a handful of classes.

Classes in photography, film, and paralegal studies classes are among the Friday-only classes.

Photography Adjunct Scott Vallance said the delay to PHOT 2373, Photographic Perceptual Design, isn’t a big deal but moving from Loftin to Longwith Radio-Television-Broadcasting Building because of remodeling is making things a bit more difficult.

A new classroom is being fashioned out of former lab space in the photography lab on the first floor of Loftin Student Center where his class normally meets.

As a result, students will have to commute between the buildings for class and lab in Longwith and equipment check-out in Loftin until work is completed.

He said thankfully, the occupants of Longwith are welcoming.

Vallance is staying positive by telling his students, “There is always something that comes up that you have to get past.”

Photography sophomore Nancy Rodriguez, who is enrolled in Perceptual Design, said she is still excited about the class.

Still, she said the “building change is a bummer” and wonders if it will affect class work because students normally work in the photo computer lab during open hours and she isn’t sure how they will get access.

Dr. Tandy Schoolcraft, paralegal studies professor, said the delay to LGLA 2205, Interviewing and Investigating, is making her “consolidate the material but the students will still get the same content in the course.”

COMM 2366, Introduction to Film, taught by radio-television-broadcasting Coordinator Markene Bennett, also met for lecture and lab for the first time 12:15 p.m.-4:05 p.m. Friday.

Although the campus closure canceled plans, it doesn’t seem to have delayed these classes much.


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