Faculty legal group to discuss EDUC 1300

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By Bleah B. Patterson


The Alamo Community College District Faculty Legal Association has scheduled its annual meeting Wednesday.

The meeting is open only to members.

EDUC 1300, Learning Framework, which is awaiting approval to replace three humanities hours in the fall 2014 core curriculum, will be one of the issues discussed.

The move to implement the course has been controversial with faculty objecting to losing a humanities course.

The organization represents the faculty members in legal matters.

“Because of the legal situations we cover, we can’t really have non-members involved,” math Professor Gerald Busald said.

The association has been around for more than 20 years. This college’s president, Robert Zeigler, was an original member, Busald said.

Members discuss current issues and the possible legal ramifications for faculty.

“That’s why we pay dues. We have an attorney on retainer to advise and assist us in legal situations,” Busald said.

Any tenure-track faculty member is eligible to be a member and only needs to pay annual dues.

Adjuncts cannot become members, but Busald said he foresees that changing as more faculty members retire and are replaced by adjuncts

For information, call Busald at 210-486-0280.


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