Time to listen to students

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Why bother selecting a student trustee if no one pays attention to student opinions?

Students are rejecting EDUC 1300, Learning Framework, as a waste of time and money.

Faculty, charged with meeting the demands and needs of students, oppose it. University faculty cringes at replacing humanities with student development. Yet, the Chancelor stubbornly pushes forward blind and deaf.

Committees are forming to evaluate which textbooks will produce the “most successful” students. Standardization is the first step toward replacing textbooks with ebooks.

Jan. 31, The Ranger reported students preferred textbooks 68 percent-24 percent. Eight percent polled had no preference.

The district has not been particularly successful in getting students to log into ACES for email. Why will they rush to read an etext?

And what about the many students without a computer or Internet access? Officials who scoff are showing how little they know. As a result, programs have been gutted. Labs across campus are understaffed and underfunded.

Officials need to show a lot more care of students and a whole lot less attention to Saudi Arabia, “7 Habits” and reducing community colleges in this city to a generic joke.

We hope SGA and trustees choose wisely. When a student is seated, trustees need to listen and consider appropriate responses. Don’t just teach the district’s specialty of how to avoid answering questions while babbling on about transparency and principled leadership.

Students are quite a bit more intuitive and understanding of their own needs than this chancellor have ever given them credit for.


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