Study: Electronics more than games

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Phone and tablet applications can help you study.

By Ian Coleman

College students ages 18-34 use their smartphones and tablets more than their laptops or TVs, according to, a site that helps businesses target customers.

“On average, (students) report spending 0.8 hours with a tablet,” reported. “And they’re spending 3.6 hours a day with their cell phones. … By contrast, they’re spending less time with computers, TVs, handheld gaming devices, and e-readers. ”

Students can use this time spent on their smartphones and tablets to study for classes.

According to, Chegg Flashcards is an application in which students can make flashcards to study and or access pre-made flashcards.

Chegg is a company based in Santa Clara, Calif., that creates applications for phones and tablets.

Other companies have applications for students.

Exam Countdown, developed by Goo Software, is available in the iTunes App Store. It allows students to keep track of exam and important dates with a timer. Also, the application has access to “exam tips from examiners and other students,” according to

Study Checker, developed by mjsoft, is available in the Google Play Store. It is an application that tracks a student’s study and break times.

This allows a student to analyze study habits.

For more information on study apps, visit, which has a slideshow of 10 websites it claims to help students “ace exams.”

Or students may also find other study apps on Google Play or iTunes by searching under the productivity and lifestyle categories.


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