Today last day for e-book survey

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Student District Council will discuss results Tuesday.

By Katherine Garcia

An email survey from Alamo Colleges District Student Council intended for the district’s 60,000 students seeking feedback on the instructional materials strategy has not yet reached its intended target.

The council, composed of student government presidents from all five colleges, decided about a month ago to develop the survey to learn students’ opinions, which then the group could relay to an Alamo Colleges board of trustees committee Tuesday, Andrew Hubbard, Student Government Association president at this college, said Thursday.

Hubbard said he did not know which of the board’s four standing committees would be the appropriate one to discuss this topic.

He said the survey was sent to students’ ACES email by Palo Alto SGA President Sandra Piñeda on Tuesday.

As of Thursday morning, however, Hubbard was the only student contacted by The Ranger who confirmed he had received the email. At least three faculty members and one staff member have received the email addressed to “ALL-STUDENTS.”

A spot check of 30 students Tuesday through Thursday morning revealed none had received the email inviting them to take the survey. Hubbard said this may be because the mass emails from the district usually go out in batches.

Hubbard was not sure why or how the email went to faculty, but he is “highly against” them filling it out because the survey is meant to gauge student opinion.

Students have until today to answer 12 questions about the policy, which was approved by the board Jan. 21 and requires students pay for textbooks when registering.

The Student District Council will present the survey at the Tuesday standing committee meetings at 5:30 p.m. in Room 101 of Killen Center in 201 W. Sheridan.

The council decided to survey all students based on student opposition, he said.

The email includes the letter Jo-Carol Fabianke, vice chancellor of student success, sent to students on March 20 regarding instructional materials; EDUC 1300, Learning Framework, and frequently asked questions about both.

The survey begins by asking, “If voting were held today, would you vote for or vote against the proposed instructional materials strategy?” Two open-ended questions ask students benefits and challenges the proposal could pose to the colleges.

The next questions ask students their current age, gender, race/ethnicity, if they’re full-time or part-time, the college they attend and if they own an electronic device for reading e-books.

An open-ended question asks students what their experience has been with using electronic devices at school.

The last two questions ask if students have Internet access outside of college, and if most of their classes taken are face-to-face, online or a combination of both.

Political science Professor Kristi Woodward-Kaupert posted the survey to the SAC honors Facebook page. The survey can be accessed by visiting

Hubbard said he will check the survey’s validity by calling the survey company.

For more information, call this college’s SGA office at 210-486-0133 and Palo Alto’s SGA office at 210-486-3129.


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