Trustee Candidates: Albert Ray Herrera, District 4

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District 4 trustee Albert Herrera

Albert Herrera, District 4 trustee candidate

Charter school CFO, 41 • 210-639-2120

By T. L. Hupfer

Albert Ray Herrera, District 4 candidate, says his motivation to run for the Alamo Colleges board of trustees comes from a desire to continue the service to the community begun by his brother, Arturo G. Herrera, who died during his 1993-96 term in the District 4 seat.

Herrera believes he is qualified for the position because he has been “heavily involved in school business” since he was 21.

He has been the CFO of Lighthouse Charter School for 10 years.

Although he doesn’t have any college degrees, he has had licenses in real estate and certification for pest control, which he believes show he is well-rounded.

Herrera attended Palo Alto College and took certificate training at this college, and his wife attended St. Philip’s College and this college.

He keeps up with district issues through family members who attend Alamo Colleges as well as the district website and other Internet sources.

Herrera said he is familiar with the controversy of adding EDUC 1300, Learning Framework, as a core curriculum requirement and the proposal to move toward online instructional materials.

Herrera said he was happy Chancellor Bruce Leslie postponed the immediate implementation of both this week.

He believes handling issues of concern to faculty and students is “what we’re there for,” referring to the nine-member board of trustees.

As to the district’s goal of a faculty composed of 50 percent adjuncts, Herrera said he wants to hear the chancellor’s reasoning for working toward that ratio.

He said the goal might be “saving money, but at what expense?”

He said he wonders if replacing full-time faculty with adjuncts will be more of a disservice to students or whether students will be learning as much.

Herrera said he would want more research to weigh the cost of saving versus the ultimate goal to support students.

He agrees with the standardization across the colleges of degrees, learning outcomes, catalog descriptions and textbooks because that helps students, he said.

For example, he said students would not have to purchase new textbooks if they switch colleges.

Herrera also believes cuts in student services, such as tutoring labs, need to be justified.

The district needs to keep focus on the classrooms and on the students, he said.

Herrera wasn’t familiar with the student trustee position, which will begin in May, but he believes it is a good idea to have a student’s perspective to give trustees additional information when making decisions.

“We sometimes tend to be removed from the room. If the student can bring that back, it’s a good idea.”


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