Letter: Student feels wronged by district

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Removing majors from our degrees is wrong and announcing it months prior with no student approval is disingenuous.

It was a cowardly move by Dr. Robert Vela, and the chancellor, to wait until Sept. to announce a decision that was made in March.

Did they factor in how many students would be affected by this decision?

Perhaps because of all the controversy after the last big announcement, the standardized-Internet textbooks, they decided they would remove all transparency from this decision.

I am pursuing a second Associate Degree not because I ‘m “watering down my degree,” as Dr. Vela states, but because I can’t afford university and want to stay academically active while I’m saving.

Had I known the opportunity of receiving a second degree would be removed without a warning, perhaps I would have chosen to work instead.

Matthew Reyna, 

RTVB Sophomore


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