Letter: Generic degrees prompt enrollment regret

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Reading the article “Generic degrees awarded in lieu of specified major” on Sept. 22 made me feel cheated. I chose this campus to earn an Associate of Arts in radio-television-broadcasting, not to get a “general degree” or to use an advising guide.

Dr. Robert Vela states that the term “advising guide” is more appropriate “because it was simply a set of courses that could help you when you transfer to the transfer institution.” Well, what about students like me who have no plans to transfer? Are you just going to ignore us?

There also was a colossal failure of communication in regards to this new degree structure. Using the beginning of the semester to hide this change is appalling.

Tell me, as a veteran using my GI Bill benefits, how does this affect that program. Veteran affairs had no communication yet when I went to ask questions. Just like us, they have been kept in the dark.

If I knew this would happen before the semester, I never would have enrolled at this institution.

Lance Motal

RTVB Freshman


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