This college to show TED talk on melting polar ice

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TED talk tries to illustrate the price of losing the polar ice caps.

Kyle R. Cotton

The office of student life will showcase the 2011 TED talk “Tales of Icebound-Wonderlands” from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Nov. 4 in Room 150 of Loftin Student Center

The presenter in the video, Paul Nicklen, is an award-winning photographer for National Geographic who specializes in photography in the polar region.

Nicklen spent a lot of his youth among the Inuit in the Canadian Arctic, which gave him a unique perspective on the melting polar ice caps.

Nicklen hopes to “put a face to this (melting polar ice caps). … I want people to get the concept that we could lose an entire ecosystem.”

Erika Pena, student success advisor and coordinator for the event, said, “I just thought it was something that could be easily enjoyed. It’s a very stressful time for students, and this is a very laid-back presentation while also being very educational.”

Nicklen’s presentation is based on his experiences photographing the wildlife, particularly leopard seals, which have developed a bad reputation in recent years after one killed British marine biologist Kirsty Brown in 2003

A student discussion will follow the video.

For more information on TED talk presentations at this college, call Pena AT 210-486-0158.

For more information on Paul Nicklen, visit or


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