Turn off electronics

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 Illustration by Ansley Lewis

Illustration by Ansley Lewis

Independence from phone possible despite social media temptation, chair says.

By Tim Hernandez



That’s the word most students used to describe the feeling of having misplaced or lost a cell phone.

They panicked because the cell phone is their constant connection to the world via calls, email, text messaging, Internet, Twitter, Facebook and other social media web sites.

Education sophomore Emma Sheehan said she was annoyed and angry that her phone was stolen multiple times.

Professor Thomas E. Billimek, chair of psychology and sociology said students may have a hard time separating themselves from social media sites.

“You’ve got the social networking, which probably would have the greatest impact for students,” Billimek said.

Still, he said the more dependent an individual allows themselves to become on a cell phone, the stronger the reaction will be when the device is not available.


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