Students welcome to sing in multiple languages

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 Illustrations by Ansley Lewis

Illustrations by Ansley Lewis

Students can enjoy refreshments and pick their own song.

By Ana Victoria Cano

International Student Services is hosting “Open Mic Karaoke!” from 11:15-11:45 a.m. Nov. 19 in Room 220 of Oppenheimer Academic Center.

“There is not a prescribed set list,” said Martha Buchanan, coordinator of foreign students. “People get to sing what they want to sing; they can sing songs that they like that have meaning to them, whether it is in their own language.”

Participants are free to connect with their own music through a Bluetooth karaoke machine.

Participants can look for their song on YouTube and connect to Bluetooth. The music plays and they can sing along with the microphone, Buchanan said.

People who do not have Bluetooth on their cellphone can use Buchanan’s, she said.

“I thought I was going to have shy people, but no, people were just like, ‘Let me sing,’ and they were having a really good time,” Buchanan said about last year’s karaoke.

There will be snacks, bottles of water and even a disco ball, Buchanan said.

“Open Mic Karaoke!” is scheduled at a time when international students have a break between their classes; however, the event is open to everyone, Buchanan said.

There is not going to be a sign-in sheet; whoever shows up can sing, Buchanan said.

“It is an opportunity to sing and be playful and have an opportunity just to make a joyful noise,” Buchanan said.

“Open Mic Karaoke!” is a space for friends to come together and have fun, Buchanan said.

Students are welcome to sing in any language as long as they have music.

The event is 30 minutes, and about 15 people will be able to participate; however, the number of spectators is not limited.

For more information, go to International Education Week’s Facebook page or call 210-486-0253.


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