Coffee and art in one event

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Performances to include poetry, singing, acting, dancing and art at Cheshyre Cheese Club’s final coffee night of the semester.

By Ana Victoria Cano

The Cheshyre Cheese Club will host Coffee Night from 6-9 p.m. Nov. 20 in the cafeteria of Loftin Student Center.

Coffee Night is an open forum to support humanities and the expression of arts, Tony Guerrero, president of the Cheshyre Cheese Club, said.

“If they like to write poetry, if they are singers or songwriters, if they like to do comedy, anything really — it’s an open forum for expression,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero said many people who are afraid to share their work, such as a poem, song or even a comedy skit, can finally do so at this supportive event.

“It is not a poetry slam, and there is no competition” Guerrero said.

He said besides expressing themselves, people can go to the event to have a good time, enjoy the presentations and drink coffee.

“It is a time to relax and enjoy the moment, listen to music and poetry and short stories,” Guerrero said.

The club hosts this event every month; however, this will be the last one for this semester.

Coffee Night is open to the public, and it offers free coffee and cookies.

Guerrero said The Cheshyre Cheese Club is the oldest club at this college; it was founded in 1927.

A group of women started the club. They took the philosophy of the original Cheshire Cheese founded by Samuel Johnson, English writer, Guerrero said.

“It was basically a meeting of the minds where they would talk about social sciences, politics, religion, everything and anything basically,” Guerrero said.

He said the club is open to all majors.

The club helps members express creativity in their own way, and it is not exclusively just for writers. People who are into design, culinary art, dance or any kind of art can join the club to express themselves and get support from the group.

The club meets from 11-11:45 a.m. every Monday in Room 203 of Gonzales Hall.

Jane Focht-Hansen, English professor and writing center director, is the chief adviser of the club. The other advisers are humanities Professor Margaret Greco and music Professor Donnie Meals.

Guerrero said the club plans to sell used books from 50 cents to $3 as a monthly fundraising event.

For more information, visit the club’s Facebook page: “Cheshyre CheeseClub Sanantoniocollege.”


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