Angel Tree provides for children of Haven for Hope

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Correction: The delivery date for gifts for Margil Elementary School was incorrectly reported. The Angel Tree donations will be delivered Dec. 12.

Staff Council needs gifts, wrapping paper and volunteers for the project.

By Anthony B Botello

This year the Angel Tree program sponsored by Staff Council is adopting Margil Elementary School, providing less fortunate kids from pre-kinder to fifth grade with toys, hygiene products and simple needs like scarves and gloves.

Student success specialist Dee Dixon is heading up the project to provide Margil Elementary, 1000 Perez St., in the San Antonio Independent School District with gifts for all its students.

Needs vary from student to student but help is definitely needed. One girl asked for real shampoo for Christmas because she was tired of washing her hair with soap.

“Of 518 students, about 218-plus are from Haven for Hope,” Dixon said.

As of Friday, there were 362 students left without sponsors.

“My priority goal is to get every kid a gift,” Dixon said. For those who want to participate, go to Room 632 of Moody Learning Center and see Dixon for a name attached to an ornament.

“If you want an angel, come get one. Come by and get a name,” Dixon said. Questions about names, such as the sex of the child can be asked when picking up an ornament. Dixon suggests three gifts for each child: one practical, one educational and one fun. She said $10 would buy something hygiene-related or maybe gloves or a scarf, something educational like a book, and then something fun. “You don’t have to spend a lot of money,” Dixon said.

When it comes to jackets or clothing, talk to Dixon about sizes.

“If you don’t want to take a name, you can still go to the dollar store and donate,” Dixon said.

Other ways to help are to help deliver or donate wrapping paper. Volunteers will be wrapping 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Dec 1-10 in Room 643 of Moody Learning Center. “We already have stuff that needs to be wrapped or stuffed in a bag,” Dixon said. “We need help wrapping and delivering,” Dixon said.

Angel Tree is for “anyone who wants to provide a better holiday,” Dixon said. All gifts and donations must be received by Dec. 8. The toys will be delivered Dec 13.

For more information, call Dee Dixion at (210) 486-0598 or email her at


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