Clubs offer respite from classwork

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Harley Williams, psychology sophomore and Student Government Association vice president, tells biology freshman Isabel Rodriguez about SGA while Rodriguez completes a survey during the Student Organization Showcase Wednesday in the mall.  Photo by E. David Guel

SGA Vice President Harley Williams promotes student government during the Student Organization Showcase Jan. 28. Photo by E. David Guel

An NVC student found her passion in a club.

By Christina M. Briseno

Joining a campus club can be a great opportunity, student success adviser Jacob-Aidan Martinez said. “Many of our academic clubs/organizations are national,” he said.

Martinez said joining a club is a great way to socialize with other students who have the same interests. During meetings, members learn to work as a team or stand out as a leader. They can communicate ideas and listen to others. “Attending the meetings and events develops friendly encounters with other members of the club,” he said.

Theater sophomore Aaron Poe originally majored in biology at Northwest Vista College because her parents wanted her to pursue science. “I liked science because my parents liked science,” she said.

As escapism, Poe joined a non-major drama club. She took theater in high school and loved acting and dancing.

“I always felt at home around theater students,” she said. Initially Poe worried that joining a club would be too time consuming. “I needed all the time to study for biology; I felt very overwhelmed,” she said.

In the club, students performed skits and learned the art of theater.

Soon after, Poe rediscovered her high school passion and changed her major to theater.

Martinez said everyone in a club or organization understands schoolwork comes first. Members will help each other and work around their schedules.

When choosing a club to join, Martinez said to explore current interests or try something new.

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