Spend on students, not self-help

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Part-time employees are being pressured into Covey training.

Part-timers should be helping students, not spending the equivalent of their entire workweek in training based on Stephen R. Covey’s self-help book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Administrators are claiming attendance for 134 part-time employees is not mandatory, but an email sent to 92 part-time employees who haven’t trained said they are “included in the expectation to attend a session.”

Covey training is mandatory for all full-time employees; 280 of 2,273 have not completed the training.

The 20-hour training is longer than the part-time workweek, which is limited to 19 hours a week.

Adjuncts aren’t even compensated.

On top of that, labs, such as this college’s writing center, have to bring in a replacement tutor when the part-time employee is unavailable to help students with assignments.

In other labs, part-time employees help with computer problems or assist with math homework.

Replacements don’t work for free.

Sending part-time workers to “7 Habits” training strains budgets.

Labs can’t just do without for the week.

Maybe district employees can miss half a week without inconveniencing anyone, but college employees cannot.

Student trustee Jacob Wong was right to inquire about the impact Covey training is having on the colleges.

If anyone bothered to measure it, our guess is the impact is positively negative.


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