Adjuncts shouldn’t skip

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Kinesiology adjunct embarrassed by the low turnout of adjuncts to December meeting.


The Adjunct Faculty Council is having trouble forming a quorum to conduct its business.

During a Feb. 23 meeting, the council was unable to amend its proposal on the current adjunct compensation policy.

The council was trying to come together to finalize a proposal for a leave policy for the adjuncts.

The council has received support from Faculty Senate and President Robert Vela, but without the five members required for a quorum to make amendments, the council remains in stalemate.

How difficult is it for the Adjunct Faculty Council members at this college to come together for a single meeting?

Kinesiology Adjunct Randi Wayland said she was extremely embarrassed Dec. 1 when five executive team members, including President Robert Vela, showed up for a meeting and only three of the eight council members were present.

She’s right to feel embarrassed.

Adjunct faculty members don’t have many requirements because they are paid next to nothing, however, the Adjunct Faculty Council is trying to do something about that.

Adjuncts earn anywhere from $740.67 to $918.71 per class hour, have to pay their own travel and conference fees, and get a salary reduction if they must miss a class.

Those are the rewards of being a part-time teacher.

Chair Amanda Martin couldn’t be more correct when she notes it would be one thing if they had not signed up for the job, but they did.

Adjunct Faculty Council members are required to show up for council meetings just like students must show up to class.

In this particular case, it’s up to the members of the Adjunct Faculty Council to show up and work to improve the situation for the 928 adjuncts affiliated with this college.

And even if the Adjunct Faculty Council does not represent the 1,147 adjuncts with spring teaching assignments across the district, every one of them is likely to benefit from the work of the eight members here.


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