Favorable PR supersedes student resources

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Five full-time librarians serve more than 21,000 students.

This college’s library is necessary for the academic success of many students. They depend on access to a wide variety of books and online databases for research.

Soon, students will find fewer databases for research, and good luck finding a librarian, as the college has reduced their ranks by more than half.

Budget cuts in the library, which equal to a little more than $116,000, have resulted in fewer databases, books and other materials.

The number of full-time librarians went from 12 to five, and retired librarians were not replaced.

For spring 2015, enrollment is 21,736, according to Joe Jacques, associate director of student success. How do cuts in the library’s budget and personnel help students? Are five librarians expected to assist more than 21,000 students?

Further, if budget cuts are limiting students’ access to the library’s important resources, how is the public relations department able to dish out money promoting the new Gnome Ranger?

The Gnome Ranger had a birthday party last semester, equipped with a selfie station, a huge cake and free drinks.

Let’s not forget about the fancy cardstock used to promote SAC Scores Data Day in January, most of which were thrown away.

PR Director Vanessa Torres said her department opted for the heavy cardstock to emphasize the importance of the “high-profile” event.

Money could have been saved using regular cardstock. Jackie Dorton, customer service representative at UPS for the Alamo Colleges, said everyone at the UPS store knows Torres prefers the heavy cardstock.

“Students First” tops the list of Alamo Colleges values. The district’s vision states: “The Alamo Colleges will be the best in the nation in student success and performance excellence.”

How does the district plan on upholding these values and vision? By taking away student resources?

When funding is removed from important student resources, the college administration needs to step in and redirect wasteful spending.

The good PR that will come from such actions can’t be bought.


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