Letter: Raise awareness before you raise the seat

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Re: “Restroom reviews encourage ‘holding it’” Feb. 23

The information over the restroom issue should be more addressed to everyone all over the campus.

The first thing I noticed when I came to SAC is how horrible and disgusting the restrooms are. As a freshman student, the restrooms all over the campus have been treated poorly. Not all are cleaned equally.

The girls’ restrooms are a mess and it seems that no one cares. Water is all over the sink, paper towels and tissues on the floor, toilets clogged and sometimes urine is left on the seat of the toilet.

It’s not very pleasant when going to the restroom, especially in Chance Academic Center and the student success center.

It should be everyone’s responsibility to clean up after themselves. Students should respect the property of the campus, and it should be a priority to keep the campus clean instead of depending on the cleaning staff.

The new, renovated restrooms in some of the campus buildings are great, but even a renovated restroom can get messy if the students do not keep it clean.

Jessica Renteria

Radio-television-broadcasting Freshman


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