Letter: Time capsule shows dreams become reality

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It is truly an astonishing moment when one opens up a time capsule and revisits the past for a brief period. And this is especially true when the time capsule includes a younger and more innocent version of the opener.

The article, “Time capsule opened to celebrate 30 years at Palo Alto College” March 2, really showed the true potential of what a time capsule can do to motivate one’s mind for a brighter future.

It gives the opportunity for a rebirth toward certain goals or achievements one saw themselves accomplishing as they entered adulthood.

Many people tend to sometimes stray from the path they saw themselves taking as a kid, and it can be very depressing. But when you are given mementos such as handwritten notes from your childhood depicting the career aspirations you dreamed of at that time, it can be tremendously invigorating to one’s mindset.

And even if you became exactly what you wanted at an older age, it is still beyond satisfying to revisit the past and know you followed your dreams. I love how more and more schools are doing this for kids as they continue through elementary school. It’s a situation that creates the right mindset in kids at an early age.

It gives them the drive to succeed in their life so they can come back one day when it is time and know they made their dreams reality.

Steven Mercado

Biology/Pre-Pharmacy Sophomore


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