New address makes sense

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Initially, the idea of changing a long-standing address seems bizarre. Forwarding postal service from one address to the same place is amusing, not to mention all of the pre-printed letterheads, envelopes and labels that will be thrown away.

The college address changing from 1300 San Pedro Ave. to 1801 N. Main Ave., however, does make a lot of sense.

In a meeting in February, administrators decided to go forward with the change from a 2010 master plan that also includes building a new parking garage, continuing education building and veterans’ center.

Access to campus from San Pedro Avenue has been difficult for about 15 years, since Dewey Place, Myrtle Street, Locust Street and Park Avenue were, one by one, closed to through traffic.

Tobin Lofts faces Main Avenue, and a welcome center, a one-stop place for enrollment and registration help, is planned for the same area.

Main Avenue is already an unofficial entrance to campus.

While tradition and history are important, so is necessary change. The new address will be an adjustment for current campus residents, but the next influx of students — and the community — will find much easier access.


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