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Katherine Garcia

Katherine Garcia

Send The Ranger a letter if our coverage is biased.

Letter from the editor Katherine Garcia


Two weeks ago, a coach called the newsroom to say The Ranger’s coverage of the women’s basketball team was unfair.

She said the players were getting discouraged because we were only covering games the team lost.

No reporters could make it to the game on Jan. 31 against St. Edward’s University.

We did cover a winning game on Feb. 4 against Northwest Vista College with photos, although a reporter couldn’t make it.

Coverage can be found at www.theranger.org/multimedia-photos/.

Also, reporters couldn’t make it to the away games at Northwest Vista College or colleges outside the Alamo Community College District.

We have two sportswriters this semester, and sometimes they are not able to cover games because they have a second job they can’t miss.

Between classes and work outside The Ranger, we do not always have time to cover everything newsworthy on our assigned beats. Sometimes editors have trouble finding someone to fill in for a reporter.

We do not have a crystal ball that tells us which games the team will win or lose. Either way, we try to cover what we can.

This paper is student-run, meaning we learn how to write news, shoot photos and edit copy while working on a real paper.

Whenever The Ranger makes mistakes, we must always admit them and post a correction.

We do this because we want to get the most complete truth out there.

We do not write biased stories saying The Lady Rangers are losing.

I think we do the opposite. I read the stories in question and found our reporters covered plays executed by both teams, good and bad.

The coach requested a story about how the team’s defense is improving.

She said if we didn’t start writing about the team in a positive light, she would not let our reporter talk to her or her team.

A reporter covered the story anyway and interviewed a team member. The story can be found at www.theranger.org/2015/02/26/the-rangers-tame-st-philips-tigers/.

We can’t write a story catering to a certain group, though we do write stories based on news tips people call in, email or send through The Ranger Online.

Basically, we are writing as journalists, not public relations agents.

We are covering the news as unbiased reporters for those who weren’t there to attend the meeting, or the basketball game, or the time capsule opening.

However, if the availability of my staff is making our readers question our reporting, I suggest writing a letter to the editor.

This format addresses opinions and grievances readers may have with our coverage.

We don’t keep critical letters to ourselves; they are published in the paper and online for the world to read.

All letters must be double-spaced and typewritten. Letters will be edited for spelling, grammar, style, accuracy and length.

They must include a student’s major, classification and phone number.

Letters must be emailed to sac-ranger@alamo.edu or submitted online.

If we’re not doing our jobs as journalists, don’t be afraid to send a letter.

Just don’t expect us to twist the story in your favor.


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