Guide assistance offered to students with disabilities

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Few students use the service, DSS staffer says.

By Priscilla Galarza

Although 481 students with mobility and visual disabilities are registered with the office and can request a guide to get to their classes, only one student took advantage of the service this semester.

Four students used the service in the fall.

Disability support services has a staff of two full time employees, two certified advisers and a personal crisis counselor available to students.

All are available to escort students who need help.

Students can request a guide through disability support services by providing medical documentation of a disability.

Students then provide their course schedule to the department to be assigned to a guide.

“Usually the student is comfortable with the campus after one or two weeks,” said Delia De Luna, senior generalist-student success.

A staff member at disabilities support services will walk the student to classes and return a few minutes before the class is over and escort them to their next class.

Once students get in the routine of going to each of their classes, they normally discontinue the guide service, De Luna said.

Although this college is Americans with Disabilities Act compliant, the service serves simply as a guide around campus for students to gain familiarity of their unique schedules, she said..

The guide service will be offered this summer and continuing semesters.

“As long as there is an approved student with a disability, we will schedule a guide for them,” De Luna said.

For additional information, contact disability support services 210-486-0111.


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