Suspicious male leads SAPD on small foot chase near campus

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A man was arrested for outstanding warrants and evading arrest.

By Melissa Luna and Richard Montemayor

After responding to a suspicious persons call Tuesday morning at Evergreen and Maverick streets on the southwest side of this college, San Antonio police officers were led on a short foot chase that ended in a burglary arrest.

According to an officer on the scene, when police arrived at the corner and approached the male suspect, he turned and ran south on Maverick Street.

After a two-block foot chase, the suspect was apprehended between West Cypress and West Laurel streets.

“He was taken down, questioned and we found out he has warrants out for his arrest,” the officer said.

The officer said the suspect in custody matched the description of a suspect in a burglary at 410 Evergreen St. earlier that morning.

Police later identified the suspect as Michael Fitzgerald Jackson. He was charged at the scene for an outstanding warrant for a parole violation, and police later charged him with evading arrest for burglary, SAPD administrative assistant Romana Lopez said.

Samantha Prieto, a student at Career Point College, resides at 410 Evergreen St. in a duplex with her daughter and husband.

“We just moved in (last) Wednesday,” Prieto said. “He (the burglar) took our TV, some bananas and a beer. I guess he wanted a snack.”

He left bloodstains on a wall, the floor and the steps leading into the residence, Prieto said.

“He broke a window by the front door in order to get into our house,” Prieto said.

Residence maintenance worker Danny Orozoco said the locks would be changed.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Jackson was being held without bail.


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