The college presidents’ and vice presidents’ offices undergo ‘facelift’

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Correction: The workspaces that will be connected were incorrectly identified. Dr. Dr. Jothany Blackwood’s workspace is being connected to the workspace of Lisa Alcorta, interim vice president of student success.

The four-month project remodels portion of recently remodeled offices.

By Jose Arredondo

The offices of this college’s president, both vice presidents and public relations in Fletcher Administration Center will be renovated.

The project started April 27 and will take four months to complete.

President Robert Vela’s office has relocated into the portable D403 off of 300 Dewey Place next to the Church of Christ Student Center.

The project will connect the workspaces of Dr. Jothany Blackwood, vice president of academic success, and David Mrizek, vice president of college services.

“Our vice presidents work closely together so it was appropriate to have a vice presidential suite,” Vela said.

Public relations will also relocate for the four-month renovation to Room 500 of Moody Learning Center. Public relations’ new office will be in the old conference room in Room 317 of Fletcher.

“Public relations reports to me so they have to be really close to me,” Vela said.

Built in 1972, Fletcher is one of the older buildings at this college. This campus opened in 1951; only six buildings are older than Fletcher.

Vela wants the Fletcher building to be modernized and more functional.

Combining the vice presidents’ suite and moving PR will streamline operations, he said.

“It is going to become more accessible and more aligned with our current reality,” he said.

This is not the only update the building has received.

In September 2013 the PR area received a makeover, which took more than a year to complete.

At the end of former President Robert Zeigler’s term in spring 2014, the restrooms as well as the hallway on the third floor of Fletcher underwent renovations.

“It is a minor facelift,” Vela said. The estimated cost is going to be $586,000, Mrizek said.

Vela has future projects in mind for the first and second floor of Fletcher.

There is no timeline for these projects, however.

“We need to spruce up the first and second floor,” Vela said. “Look at the signage and if you look at the color of the paint on the walls, it is kind of outdated.”

Vela doesn’t characterize it as major construction.

“It is more of a ‘let’s use what’s there, but use modular furniture and modular walls to get the configuration,’” he said.


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