Letter: Adviser of the Year well-deserved

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Re: “Potential for shootout outweighs benefits of guns on campus,” May 12


Richard Arredondo was a great candidate for this award of Adviser of the Year.

It is hard to find faculty who will go out of their way to ensure that their students are gaining the right knowledge they need as Mr. Arredondo did.

His 30 years of service gains certain insight to how a person gains information and retains it.

Therefore, this gave him the certainty with his students that he could be a faculty member to go to with personal problems and or schoolwork.

Mr. Arredondo understands that the students who come through these doors are the future; he states, “This is our next generation of leaders to run or community, city and nation.”

Mr. Arredondo is looking at these students as assets to the future, and for that he gains the trust of many students, which is why he deserves the Award for the Advisor of the Year.
Brenda Ann Ytuarte
Psychology Senior

Texas A&M University-San Antonio


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