Students not welcomed back

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First week of classes should run smoothly.

The first day of the new semester is one of the most hectic for students as they try to figure out where their classes are and just how long it will take to park.

However, this already stressful experience was compounded with the upgrade to ACES a week before the semester started.

Myriad issues, including botched financial aid, resulted. To top it off, students found higher cafeteria prices.

Every semester, like clockwork, employees and students alike vent that ACES is not working or the district’s bureaucratic mess has caused students to be kicked out of the registration system, causing them to lose their places in classes they may have signed up for as early as spring.

Students deserve better than this.

Enrollment at this college has been on a decline.

Despite the dwindling numbers and the constant development of the campus, it’s still a nightmare to park.

Students have to wait in hourlong lines to fix schedules or find out what went wrong with financial aid when they are suddenly dropped.

It was foolish to upgrade the ACES system so close to the influx of students for the fall semester, the highest enrollment of the year.

It’s hypocritical for the district to ask students to be prepared for the first day of class when its own offices are not.

Geraldo R. Guerra, academic program coordinator in the SLAC lab, said, “Employees are prepared; the technology is not.”

The faculty and staff of academic departments are ready to receive students. Employees in the various student services offices are ready to help.

But the technology, the district’s contribution to the education formula of the Alamo Colleges, is not.

If technology — a tool that everyone needs to use — is not cooperating, clearly the district isn’t either.


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