Student trustee turns employee

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Questions are left unanswered about hiring Jacob Wong because HR staff is too busy to “answer questions”

Public junior colleges may not employ or contract with former board members, yet the board has chosen to hire Jacob Wong in the human resources department.

Wong is a former student trustee, who according to “Board Policy for student trustee B. 11.1, is “to be held to the same standards of performances, behavior and accountability of an elected trustee.”

How can we hire someone who was treated as an elected trustee?

The position Wong was hired for requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or experience equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

Wong will be attending Texas A&M University-San Antonio to pursue a bachelor’s degree, so his “experience” as a manager since he was 15 years old is what qualified him for the current HR position.

Who decides what experience should be equivalent to a bachelor’s degree?

This is another question left unanswered because Linda Boyer-Owens, associate vice chancellor of human resources, said employees could not “stop all day long to answer questions.”


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  1. Wong should of never been hired full time without a bachelors degree,this stinks of favortism and corruption at human resources.The position Wong was hired for requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

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