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Ever wake up late for a class and rush to school only to find a note from your professor taped to the classroom door that reads “Class canceled”?

And then you find out that if you had checked your ACES email account, you could have slept in.

Students should check their ACES email often, at the very least once a day. It serves as the direct link between students, professors and the college.

Check your ACES email for updates on class schedule changes, class cancellations and assignment updates.

Recently, ACES received an update to allow students to check their ACES email without having to type in a long password dictated by the district. The long password consists of a string of letters and numbers.

Students can now simply click on the “Student Email” tab on the top right-hand corner of the ACES main page.

Many professors read only emails sent through a student’s ACES email account. Emails sent from personal accounts to professors can be redirected as spam and remain unread.

The college does not consider emails valid if they do not come from a student’s ACES account because the sender cannot be verified.

But what if ACES is down and you can’t open your email?

No system is perfect, and ACES is periodically down, so students should forward all ACES emails to their personal email accounts.

After clicking on the “Student Email” tab, go to the gear icon labeled “Office 365 Settings,” then “Options,” then the “Forwarding” button under the “Accounts Tab.”

Under “start forwarding” students can type in their personal email address, and also click on an option to keep a copy of those forwarded messages in their ACES email.

Students won’t miss out on vital information such as crime alerts and statistics from the Alamo Colleges police.

Payment deadlines, registration information, dropped classes and financial aid rewards are also emailed through ACES.

Students should update ACES accounts to make sure they still get email and alerts if anything should change with their enrollment, registration or tuition. Information can be updated by going to the “Web Services” tab and clicking on “Personal Information” and then clicking on “Update addresses and phones.”

Students should check out the SAC Talk newsletter emailed every Tuesday. It lists volunteer opportunities, open houses and other fun events.

The new update should make it easier to keep up with ACES email, but students should be sure to keep up with all aspects of ACES to get the fullest use out of the site.

A part of being a college student is learning to take responsibility for yourself, and remembering to check your email is an important step.


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