Danger will bring support for guns

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Contrary to popular belief, concealed carry does not promote fear simply because the weapon is concealed. Out of sight is out of mind applies in this situation.

Senate Bill 11 allows concealed carry, not “open carry” on college campuses.

I expect any opponent of weapons on campus would readily change their mind if they were in a room with a bad guy walking around, popping off rounds, killing one student at a time.

You would be praying that someone would take them out before they drew down on you and that someone, maybe your classmate, whom you had no idea had a concealed handgun license and had their weapon with them that day.

Have you noticed these mentally deranged shooters pick soft targets and plan to go out in a blaze?

The vast majority of school shootings take place before police enter the building. The first critical minutes, when the bad guy has total control of the situation, is when all carnage happens.

Most of these cowards give up or commit suicide upon the first resistance they encounter.

If a concealed handgun licensed student or employee could offer that resistance early on in the episode, there would be much less loss of life.

At best, he could take out the shooter or at least pen him down until the cops arrive.

The argument that small children should be criteria for restricting areas of carry is poor thinking.

The Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting was at a grade school. That is a super soft target and should have had even more internal protection.

By state law, sports events and bars are already restricted; therefore, the gym is off limits.

I see no need for any other restrictions on this campus. Additional restrictions create more soft targets.

When Texas implemented concealed handgun licenses, opponents said we are going to turn the state into the Wild West.

It did not happen. To the contrary, it has saved lives.

Get over the hype and look at the statistics. Concealed handgun licenses have an overwhelming benefit to society. Cities and states that have heavily restricted gun regulations have well-above-average crime.

The idea that students are going to shoot up the place because of controversial class discussions or teachers giving low grades doesn’t hold water. Other states that have concealed carry and even open carry on campus have had little to no problems.

It is always the bad guy with a gun on campus that causes the problems.

The good guys are law-abiding citizens who have background checks, gun safety and marksman training.

A policeman in every classroom would be ideal. Next best is concealed handgun licensed citizens.

James McBride

Photography Professor


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