Here to learn, not shoot

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The words that Alyssa Zapata wrote in your Oct. 19 issue about “Campus gun law raises questions,” gave great thoughts that many people should consider.

The balance of who and where guns are permitted on school grounds will be debated until and past August 2017.

As Zapata stated, both sides have equal stands as to why guns should be allowed on school grounds and why they should not.

Safety is the main concern on most if not on everyone’s mind.

School is a place of education however, in most recent events schools especially, colleges and universities, have been targeted for shootings.

Prior to this bill being signed by Gov. Greg Abbott, a place of education that once was safe, no longer has that feeling.

Either for or against this bill, people, students, faculty, and staff have the right to feel safe in their environment.

Precautions need to be taken either way.

Samantha Ruiz

Business Freshman


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