Distinguished graduates prepare to soar

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Selected students will promote graduation at several events and be honored online.

By Tiffany Anne Bermea


Students who earn their program’s distinguished graduate nomination will receive a variety of honors including a special graduation cord and a special ceremony.

The deadline for the distinguished graduate applications was Monday.

Students had a chance to apply toward the end of the last semester.

Each department selected the winning candidate by Wednesday, when names were submitted to a student success representative.

All students who are selected or denied are notified by email.

Applicants needed a minimum GPA of 3.2 and plan to participate in the graduation ceremony this May.

They also had to be available to participate in events promoting graduation.

Students who applied to be distinguished graduates had to submit an application including an essay explaining how their experience with their major at this college has influenced their path toward graduation.

Students were to write a biography that will be posted online and submit an inspirational quote with the name of the original author.

They also needed to sign a statement that they are willing to participate in service projects to promote graduation.

If they choose not to complete the requirements, the result could be a rescindment of the award.

“These are events that are during graduation push week,” said Lauren Sjulin, coordinator of student success.

Although there aren’t that many events going on, Sjulin said, “right now, there’s transfer and career fairs that they can volunteer for.”

Service projects run from late February through mid-April.

Sjulin said on Tuesday, “There are 55 applications that are going to different departments.”

When a distinguished graduate is selected, they will receive a graduation cord, their names will be added to the Distinguished Graduate department plaque and they’ll receive a formal certificate and a T-shirt.

Students also will have their picture, biography and inspirational quote on this college’s website and will have a president’s reception in their honor.

Contact Chaye Peña in the office of the vice president for student success at apena259@alamo.edu or Sjulin at 210-486-0393.


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