SGA determined to increase student activity fee

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SGA discusses Pepsi with the President, student trustee, remembrance memorial, and student activity fee increase

By Jerico Magallanes

Student Government Association’s Monday meeting was led by Vice President Jamilyn Keeton and on the agenda was a recap of their closed meeting with Dr. Vela, extension of the student trustee application, a remembrance memorial brainstorm, and an increase in the student activity fee.

Currently $1 per credit hour of enrollment, the increase would double the student activity fee to $2 per credit hour.

With the increase, a student enrolled in 12 hours would pay $24 in student activity fees.

This fee covers numerous student activities, student life events and stipends for student organizations.

Keeton, secretary Federico Gonzalez-Vidal, student services senator Arieious Revonhart and parliamentarian David Puente agreed the increase would benefit the college.

Keeton was adamant about the fee increase saying how this college, “could even offer free printing.”

Every Alamo College campus must be unanimously in agreement with the increase prior to the board of trustees addressing the issue.

SGA plans to conduct a survey and if any decision is made after March 1, the increase would go into effect in fall 2017.

In light of the passing of architecture sophomore Trevor Anthony Macias Feb. 14, the board brainstormed memorial ideas to remember alumni and students who die.

UTSA currently commemorates students who have passed during graduation ceremonies. SGA would like to hold something similar.

Parliamentarian David Puente proposed placing plaques on light posts throughout the campus and on each plaque is the name of the deceased alumni.

“They’re the lights of this school,” Puente said.

Puente also suggested holding a commemoration segment during each spring graduation for students who have died during the past academic year.

Keeton, Gonzalez-Vidal and Revonhart supported Puente’s ideas. Puente now must submit a written proposal to Dr. Vela.

Macias was buried Feb. 22 at Mission Burial Park and the next night was a candlelight vigil.

Feb. 18 was SGA’s Pepsi with the President, a closed meeting with Dr. Vela, and both the student activity fee increase and ideas for a remembrance memorial were shared with the president.

The deadline for student trustee applications was extended from Feb. 19 to Feb. 24.

Keeton shared her personal experience with applying and going through the process saying how the, “student has to be flexible.”

Each Alamo College’s SGA nominates one candidate and the final candidate and alternate are selected by the board of trustees.

For more information, call 210-486-0133.


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