SGA determined to find a new VP and a memorial for members.

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Meeting also covered conference, memorial and a push for mariachi class at this college.

By Tiffany Anne Bermea

The Student Government Association on April 11 discussed candidates for SGA vice president, the Texas Junior College Student Government conference and a campus memorial for SGA.

The spot remains unfilled for vice president, said Harley Williams, psychology sophomore and SGA president.

The SGA accepted candidate packets to choose who will become the next vice president until 10 a.m. today, a one-week extension from April 11.

SGA extended the deadline because of the few applicants. Applicants must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA.

William said, “If you know somebody who wants to run, highly encourage them because a lot of times, students are intimidated when all they really need is the passion, and other things can be learned along the way.”

Election results will be announced May 9.

The Texas Junior College Student Government is part of region six throughout Texas. There are other levels that include local, state and national level that is organized by community college students. ­Part of Region 6 includes Del Mar College located in Corpus Christi, Victoria Community College, St. Phillip’s and Palo Alto College.

The TJCSG conference has a lot of workshops and listens to keynote speakers. Williams says, “The main goal is to change legislation.”

One of the issues discussed was the Pell grant during Monday’s meeting.

Pell grant provides less than what it used to for each semester, Williams said.

The SGA hopes to find a middle ground and increase the amount of money that is given. They will be speaking with President Robert Vela and financial aid services.

SGA members also discussed their hopes to install a memorial for every member of SGA. The memorial for SGA is still underway for open discussion.

The SGA is still deciding what type of memorial and where it should be located.

Some members suggested there should be a memorial of past members on a plaque in front of Moody Learning Center, but others have said that it wouldn’t work out because they would have to add names throughout every year.

Williams said most members agreed on a bench as a memorial.

The bench would be located in the garden area behind Chance Academic Center. Williams said, “It’s a nice, quiet and peaceful area for people who want to sit there.”

Fine arts Chair Jeff Hunt attended the meeting with a group of music students.

They discussed the importance of having a mariachi program at this college.

Hunt said he created a survey for music majors and asked them if they would like to have a mariachi class and if they would take the class. Many of those students voted yes.

Williams said the SGA will provide a new survey for all students.

The survey will be sent out through and student emails.

For more information, call the SGA office at 210-486-0133.


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