District 2 candidate: Viviana Valdez Sandoval

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Retired educator, 65

Contact: sandoval3247891@gmail.com

By R. Eguia


District 2 candidate Viviana Valdez Sandoval believes she is the best candidate to represent her district because she will enhance collaboration of the trustees and students and faculty.

Sandoval began her teaching career in 1974 at Colegio Americano in Mexico City. She then spent 20 years coordinating and teaching English as a second language in East and South sides elementary schools of this city.

“Students and faculty will want to engage the district and its policies if they feel that their opinion is heard,” said Sandoval, who believes that the job of a trustee is to listen.

She said there is a need for both certificates and degrees and neither should be considered more important than the other because neither ensure higher wages.

Sandoval would like to see the district engage the community to encourage it to provide scholarships and support for economically disadvantaged students.

She said the community would ultimately benefit because it would be composed of informed citizens.

Sandoval said money spent on Franklin Covey could be used in a better way.

She has done the training before and said, “It is a lot of common sense one learns from being a good human being. I want the district to understand that Covey is a money-making agency that capitalizes on other people’s needs.”

She understands why a policy would be enacted to limit the citizens-to-be-heard portion of board meetings because she remembers irritated parents going straight to the board to complain.

She thinks a chain of command should be used so people’s concerns are directed to the appropriate parties before a complaint is made to the board.

“We encourage students from childhood to the classroom that they should speak up. Citizens-to-be-heard should not be held back,” she said. “We want to be successful but that cannot happen if there is no dialogue.”

Faculty have a responsibility to be passionate about their subject and guide their students, but they have no influence over what happens to a student outside of the classroom.

Sandoval does not agree with the concealed carry on campus. She does not believe guns on a campus increase safety, and is uncomfortable approaching people with guns in public places.

She is afraid corporate partnerships would make campuses forget the real issues outside of money. She thinks bachelor degrees for the district would be wonderful, especially for technical fields that emphasize skills.

Sandoval wants to make sure students want the institute model. She talked about the nature of young college students who like to change their minds, majors and paths, and she worries that the institute model may be too rigid and not allow that kind flexibility and exploration.


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