PAC applicant appointed as student trustee

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Applicant is selected to serve as “liaison to student body.”

By Jerico Magallanes

Four sharply dressed applicants came before the board of trustees March 29 at Killen Center, and one walked out as student trustee.

Emmanuel Nyong, biology sophomore at Palo Alto College, was selected as student trustee, earning eight of nine votes. Matthew Vargas, Northwest Vista College’s applicant and business administration freshman was selected as alternate in a 5-4 vote.

“I want to grow as a student leader,” Nyong said. “I feel that the Alamo student trustee position will offer me that opportunity. I also want to represent my fellow students and share that conscious with the board.”

Nyong’s résumé was just one of the many persuading points.

He served as senator of student services with the Palo Alto Student Government Association and president of Tri-Beta biological society. Nyong is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, National Leadership Society and serves on the student activities fee committee.

Nyong’s service spills into the community, as a youth leader at St. Matthew’s United Methodist; volunteer for the city of San Antonio; and hospice volunteer.

“I’m diverse; I have a very unique way of seeing things,” Nyong said. “The way I see things are shaped by my experience and my faith. It allows me to pursue the vision I have.”

Originally from Cameroon, Nyong described his diverse upbringing and hardships adapting to American culture as a qualifying trait and accomplishment.

Despite English being a second language, Nyong overcame and served as a member of his high school student council; French Club president; and vice president of French National Honor Society.

“Hard work pays off,” Nyong said. He referenced his time as a soccer player and how his coach instilled in him a hard-working mentality. If it weren’t for that, “I wouldn’t be standing here for student trustee selection.”

Nyong said, “My vision is to align the Alamo Colleges visions for its students with those who haven’t established one for themselves.”

His first action will be to visit each college and meet with their respective student governments to understand each college’s specific issues.

“The concerns that we face at Palo Alto are different than what you may face at SAC. I can’t be student trustee unless I have an understanding of these concerns.”

He will share this responsibility with Vargas.

“I just like testing out new experiences,” Vargas said. “I wanted to give this a shot. I didn’t want to pass it up.”

“I like to bring 100 percent to the table,” Vargas said. “I won’t back down from trying out new things and I’ll take in this whole new (opportunity). This is definitely something none of us has had the privilege to take on, but I welcome it.”

Current student trustee Sami Adames’ term ends April 26.

Nyong will be appointed the same day at the board meeting.

For more information, call 210-485-0030.


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