Student charges: ‘false advising’

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I have been contacted several times by the advising office recently stating “You are eligible to graduate” and “We in the advising office ran a GPS check and you are eligible to graduate” yet the department plan for music, and all of the transfer degree guides for UTSA, UT Austin, Texas State University, etc. state “must earn a C” or better in all major courses.

Music theory is in my major, music. I made a D and the department let me know that I must retake it to graduate from SAC.

It’s disappointing that the advising office wants to take over all advising, yet, they can’t read anything.

San Antonio College requirement and transfer institution requirements are clearly marked, yet the advising office is clearly failing students in false advising.

My music department adviser, a music professor, has turned out to be a much better adviser than anyone in the advising center. Why should we give the job to the advising center?

Nicholas Stewart

Music Sophomore


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