Colleges should hold themselves accountable for student behavior

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In response to “Businesses should train in culture” posted Feb. 22:

Students need a “wake up call.”

If businesses, feel that students have such a lack of self-discipline and office etiquette then maybe it is a reflection on the graduate’s college experience.

The fact that colleges do not feel responsible for a student’s educational growth academically and professionally is almost like saying textbooks are only good as paperweights.

A majority of new graduates learn their social skills and self-discipline while in college.

Professors should hold students accountable for this type of growth because it intertwines with their academic success.

Just like the core science class that creates a “rounded education” for students and is required before graduation, a business etiquette class would be helpful as well,or training involving student-professor relationships.

If colleges think they are not accountable for student behavior, then what life skills am I really learning here?

Jessica Carson

Communications Junior

University of Texas at San Antonio


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