Student 101: Student clubs offer valuable experience

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 Illustration by Alexandra Nelipa

Illustration by Alexandra Nelipa

Membership benefits include scholarships and connections.

By Ryann Palacios

Engineering sophomore Victoria Fernandez just wanted to be a part of something on campus. As a military dependent, she found a home with the Student Veterans Association, one of the 40 active clubs at this college.

“I joined a club because I was tired of not knowing anyone on campus,” Fernandez said.

Now she does and feels more connected to the college and sees familiar faces on campus.

Jason Varkey, cyber security sophomore and president of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Club, says being a part of a club is a great way to become more involved in college.

“I started off as a normal member, but over time I gained confidence and learned to become a leader,” Varkey said. “I’ve had so much fun and have made so many friends through the club.”

Not only are school clubs a great way to make new friends on campus, studies have shown that students who are actively involved with organizations tend to be more successful in their college careers, said Mark Bigelow, interim student life director.

Most clubs share the common goal of raising money for scholarships available only to members.

Club membership can even benefit students applying for jobs, Bigelow said. Employers want to hire someone who can work in a team, manage their time and, above all, be responsible. Through involvement in a club, students obtain these skills and become a most desirable candidate.

“The most successful clubs on campus are those related to majors or religious beliefs,” Bigelow said. “Those clubs tend to have the most members.”

But there are different types of clubs out there. This semester, Bigelow received two new club applications, including a Quidditch club for Harry Potter fans that is awaiting approval.

Registered student organizations are listed on Orgsync, which students can access with their ACES ID and then search for clubs.

For more information, visit or call 210-486-0125.


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