Student 101: Students eligible for VIA bus pass

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 Photo Illustration by Alison Graef

Photo Illustration by Alison Graef

Campus access fee pays for pass and parking.

By Bismarck D. Andino

Students can get a free semester pass for VIA Metropolitan Transit at the business office, Room 201 of Fletcher Administration Center. The pass is free for students because they pay a $25 campus access fee each semester.

The fee went into effect on May 6, 2013, allowing students to park at any Alamo Colleges campus.

The revenue collected, according to the Alamo Colleges website, is dedicated to parking facilities, construction, and maintenance improvements, and, at board option, for student scholarship funds.

Part-time and full-time students are eligible and can take advantage of unlimited rides all semester, including free 4G LTE Wifi on every bus.

On the other hand, drivers have a few things to keep in mind when it comes to parking and their safety.

Deputy Police Chief Joe Pabon advises students to park their vehicles in student parking lots.

“Students can park in any parking lot that says that it is for students, and if you look at the signs on the light poles, it tells you if it’s for students or staff/faculty.”

“Campus parking citations are $16 with a maximum of $27, depending when they are paid,” Campus Coordinator Adrianna De Hoyos said.

If not paid, a hold can be put on the student’s account, she added.

Those parking in spaces for people with disabilities must have the correct plates or placard.

“If you are the registered owner of the vehicle and have the handicap, of course you’re going to park on the handicap spot as long as you have the plates or the placard indicating the person is handicapped,” Pabon said.

Pabon emphasizes that violations will not be taken lightly because the spaces are reserved for people with disabilities.

Fines are handled by a magistrate at the San Antonio Municipal Court, 401 Frio St., and the citation “ranges up to $250,” he added.

Anyone can park anywhere after 5 p.m.


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